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We are more than just a Number Crunching Group!

What is the P34SUG?
The Pick34 Special Users Group (P34SUG or SUG for short) is a membership site that allows lottery players to access online the entire selection of Lottery Systems, Tools and Services offered by the PICK34.COM Web Sites. As a member you will always be first to see and try out new software and services; you can participate in the development process through suggestions and testing. The members of the group meet in the LOTTERY SECRETS GROUP forum. VISIT THE FORUM NOW!

How do I join the P34SUG?
If you are interested to join the Pick34 Special Users Group review the various MEMBERSHIP CHOICES available, from the 2 weeks TRIAL to a one year Special Founding Membership. Once you ordered a membership it usually does not take longer than a few hours (often only minutes) until you get access to the Member areas of the Select from the MEMBERSHIP CHOICES here!

What if I need some help?
We offer support via email and on the phone; whether you need a guided tour through all of the choices the web site offers, pointers to what works best for your budget or playing style or simple need to know how to use a specific system: simply email or call us. The support email and phone number will be provided together with the necessary login information shortly after your sign-up.

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09/23/2018 07:47am
General: SUG Top 40
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Not sure what feature to use? Check out what others do! Here are the most commonly used features based on the most recent :PXTOPFILEMAX: selections by your fellow members!

09/23/2018 07:47am
General: SUG Adds and Updates
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What's new with the web site? Check out the most recent :PXSYSTEMMAX: features added and/or updated right here!